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Client Centered Legal Solutions

Client Centered Legal SolutionsClient Centered Legal Solutions

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a process by which clients plan for the acquisition, useful enjoyment, preservation, and eventual distribution of their assets in accord with their wishes. Estate planning typically includes the appointment of surrogate decision-makers such as general and health-care attorneys-in-fact, trustees, personal representatives, and sometimes guardians and conservators for themselves and other family members in need of protection.

Estate planning typically involves the preparation of documents to facilitate the client′s goals. We often advise clients regarding (and help them implement) estate planning strategies which may reduce costs, sometimes save taxes, and make the transition of ownership both more secure and more efficient.



  • Simple; With Trusts for minors


  • Revocable, Irrevocable, Asset Protection, Others

Powers of Attorney

  • General/Business, Healthcare

Advance Directives

  • End of life planning