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Mediation is a process by which disputants attempt, in good faith, to resolve their conflict through facilitated negotiation with the assistance of one or more trained, experienced, neutral, impartial mediators without ceding power to a third-party, e.g., to a judge or arbitrator, who would ″own″ the right to make the ultimate decision(s) with respect to the matters in dispute.

Mediation often allows for resolution of disputes in a timely, respectful, and cost-effective manner.

Disputants always control:

  • The number of mediation sessions;
  • The duration and frequency of the sessions;
  • The scope of matters in dispute to be resolved by the mediation process. For example, disputants who have been married (or in another family arrangement) and have decided to be on separate paths may decide to attempt to resolve their issues related to their property and debts but reserve to the court the resolution of various matters related to their children (such as child support and other co-parenting matters); and
  • The outcome, i.e., whether or not (and when) they will enter into an agreement to settle/resolve their dispute and, generally, all of the terms and conditions of the settlement agreement.