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Client Centered Legal Solutions

Client Centered Legal SolutionsClient Centered Legal Solutions

Our Values With Respect to Our Clients

We are committed to serving our clients respectfully and competently.

We believe the delivery of legal services should be a ″value proposition″ in which quality services are provided at reasonable and affordable prices.

We value collaborative processes in which we, our clients, and our clients′ other advisors work together to craft and implement solutions.

We believe that everyone exists within the context of his/her aspirations, health, family and other relationships, as well as within his/her financial situation and legal concerns. Consequently, we spend as much time as we can attempting to gain an understanding of each client′s ″context of life″ while respecting our clients′ privacy and attorney-client confidentiality.

Likewise, when it is helpful to or necessary for our clients, we often make ″house calls″ so that our clients may obtain our services from their own homes.

Our Values With Respect to Ourselves

We are committed to maintaining a professional environment in which each of us has opportunities for growth, creativity, mutual respect, professional satisfaction, and reasonable compensation for our knowledge, skills, experience, wisdom, and efforts.